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Software Development

Software development is a field that is powering businesses with efficient, secure, and reliable solutions through software programs or applications, to achieve outstanding business results by increasing efficiency and reducing overhead.As standard software solutions cannot fulfill the individual requirements of a business, custom software development has emerged to help businesses derive unique solutions fit for their specific needs.

Mahoo Nepal performs all stages custom software development process: from requirements definition, a project analysis and planning through software construction and user documentation to QA, training and maintenance. Delivered through a project-based model or through Dedicated Development Centers, Mahoo Nepal’s Integrated custom software development services can be provided off-shore and/or on-site (customer). Mahoo Nepal can be integrated into any existing IT environment and is based on the latest technologies or support existing legacy systems.

Software Development Tools

  1. Java

Database Integration

  1. My SQL
  2. Oracle
  3. SQL Server

Mahoo Nepal Project Services can be Categorized as follows:

  1. Application Development and Maintenance
  2. Application Reengineering and Migration
  3. New Application Development
  4. Application Maintenance
  1. Custom Software Product Development & Maintenance
  2. Software Product Specification and Design
  3. Software Product Construction
  4. Software Product Enhancement
  5. Software Product Maintenance
  6. Software Product Support
  1. Embedde Systems Development
  2. Software Quality Assurance

Our Product

  1. Jewellery Management System
  2. Logistics  Management System
  3. School Management System
  4. Pharmaceutical  Management System (MR Correspondence and  Stock Management)
  5. Shipment Tracking System
  6. E-School (
  7. Venue Nepal (

iPhone Application Development

Why iPhone App is necessary for your business?

There are few convincing reasons that lead you towards developing iPhone applications. Be it small or big business, there is no exception at all. An innovative iPhone application elevates a company to bigger, faster and faster reaching levels and the potential for tapping into new consumers. Now the iPhone application needs to figure out such way that connects the idea of your business.

Our Area of Skill and Services

  1. iPhone App Development
  2. Business and Sales Application
  3. iPhone Games Development
  4. iPhone Widget Development
  5. Theme, Mock, Icon, Designing
  6. iPhone Web Service Integration
  7. iPhone Mobile Website Development
  8. iPhone m-commerce Solution

Anroid Application Development

A Fast Growing Platform

The use of Anroid based smartphones is booming, with more than 50,000 Anroid apps eclipse an impressive rate of 32 percent every month, with new handsets being released all the time. Industry experts believe the boom owes much to the popularity of the Motorola Droid, Moto BLUR, certain HTC Models, and the open-source nature of the OS.