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Video Editing

Mahoo Nepal is an intuitive and trustworthy video editing service.  We edit your tapes, printed pictures, digital pictures, and digital video into a professional movie from 1-100 minutes length. Our videos are extremely high quality and our number one goal here at Mahoo Nepal is to make your home videos the best they can be. We have lots of experience and use the latest, cutting edge video capturing, editing and exporting technology available.

With Mahoo Nepal, you get the perfect balance between cost and quality.

Animation (3D/ 2D)

3D animation is widely used in the visual medium like advertisement, movies and videos. By means of 3D animation presentation of any visual medium becomes more powerful, memorable, electrifying, striking and enjoyable.

Mahoo Nepal is established and proven company for visual advertisement solutions.
Our 3D animators’ are skilled on 3D studio max and Adobe after effects. Our animators are extremely knowledgeable in developing unbelievable complex geometric objects, 3D characters with a surprisingly enough, realistic surfaces and smooth finishing.

We concern:

  1. Character modeling
  2. 3D object modeling
  3. Forensic animation
  4. Dynamics and particles
  5. Crowd simulations
  6. 3D environment
  7. Cloth simulation
  8. Morphing and wrapping
  9. Ray tracing
  10. V-Ray and Mental Ray Rendering


2D Animation and Illustrations

2D animation is a lot about expressions and art. Quality of 2D animations we have is what you can see in sample movie clips. But it is about to be improved as we are using more advanced technologies for the 2D animation platform. A blend of creativity, art and technology helps us to give you the best of the 2D animations. We’ll obviously let you judge the quality of creations. We have huge collections of samples of what we can do.

Drawing animations is not only about practice, it does need some creative part. While animating, the artist with the pencil himself is a director, and he himself is an actor. It is easy task to draw a character but to create a character is what animation really is. Human expressions they have their own beauty. Person who can understand these expressions tends to draw better. We don’t want to be judged but to be appreciated. The price of the animations is negotiable but the appreciation we hope to get, that is priceless.

We need more and more suggestions, how we can serve you better. Artists involved in any field of art are invited. We long to create a group with uniqueness where everyone will work for one’s self and for the ART. We hope that we will someday succeed to make everyone realize that art, creativity, emotions, expression and innovations are everything that matters.

We believe in growing by learning though feedbacks from artists involved in every field of art are invited. We long to create a group with uniqueness where everyone works for one’s self and for the ART.