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Microsoft Education Transformation with Office 365 Education
Organization: Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur
Event Venue:  CNAS Hall

17th February, 2017

Mahoo Nepal (P) Ltd. and Tribhuvan University has conducted a Microsoft Education Transformation with Office 365 introduction session at Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies (CNAS) on 17th February, 2017. With the decision makers, deans, directors and administration and finance heads as participants.

The program has started on 12:30 with the welcome speech by Deependra Bajracharya (Business Development Manager- Nepal/ Bhutan from Microsoft) and technology trend, changes and how Microsoft is investing and promoting education worldwide.

The second session was conducted by Mr. Sachin Jung Karki (Chief Technology Officer from Mahoo Nepal (P) Ltd.) with the features, use case scenarios and education transformation with Office 365. Later on Mr. Prashant Dhewaju (Office 365 Specialist) has followed him on the demonstration sessions on OneDrive, Microsoft Form, Skype for Business meeting and SharePoint File service. This was the session which has almost every participant engaged and appreciated. All the questions and queries from participants has been answered by both Mr. Karki and Dhewaju along with Mr. Bajracharya who has elaborated on how and when to use those technologies specially for classroom and education of the university.

The final session was presented by Mr. Prashant Sharma General Manager of Mahoo Nepal (P) Ltd. on what Mahoo Nepal (P) Ltd. can offer for Tribhuvan University as Microsoft Authorized Reseller Partner and what Mahoo Nepal expects in return from Tribhuvan University.

The program has concluded on 04:00 PM with the request for further process and another session for Tribhuvan University. Vote of thanks has been presented by Mr. Prashant Sharma General Manager of Mahoo Nepal (P) Ltd.

Below are some snaps of the event.

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We would like to share our gratitude with TU participants, Microsoft Team, Prashant Dhewaju, Sachin Jung Karki and entire team for making this event successful and effective. Many many thanks for all of your great support.

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